Need Help with a Car Accident Claim?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident that was not your fault, JMK Solicitors, Northern Ireland’s Number 1 Personal Injury Specialists, can help you with your car accident claim.

If your vehicle was damaged as a result of someone else’s fault, we can recover;

  • Bruises, cuts, burns, and lesions
  • Minor ‘soft-tissue’ injuries such as whiplash
  • Fractures, and broken bones
  • Trauma to the head or brain
  • Psychological harm
  • Cost of recovering damaged property
  • Lost earnings and loss of future earnings potential
  • Pain and suffering

If you were injured in a car accident that was not your fault, we can help you to recover any payment you are entitled to for your medical expenses as well as compensation for pain and suffering. We can also help you to recover compensation for loss of earnings in the past, present, or future as well compensation for provision for future care in serious injury cases, including housing adaptation, vehicle and equipment needs.

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Northern Ireland's Number One Personal Injury Solicitors

JMK Solicitors have been the Number 1 Personal Injury Solicitors practice in Northern Ireland since 2015, assisting more injured people than any other solicitor in Northern Ireland.

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99% Client Recommendation

We are proud to help our clients and make them our priority, assisting lots of clients in claiming compensation after an accident or injury.

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Proudly improving the lives of our clients following traumatic events, achieving the best possible outcome, with the least stress.


We are the only solicitors that people think of if they need help following an injury or an accident.

Who can claim for a car accident?

We have assisted thousands of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians with their car accident claim, helping them to recover compensation for their injuries and losses as a result of a car accident.  If any members of your family (including children) were injured in an accident through no fault of their own, we are happy to help and advise on a car accident claim.

Is my car worth less after an accident and can I claim?

Yes – in theory!

This is known as ‘diminution in value’ or the reduction in value of the car caused by the acceleration of the normal depreciation in value that any vehicle will have as a result of age and use.

The Diminution will occur at the time the accident damage but often you won’t feel the loss until you dispose of the vehicle. This does not affect the fact that the Diminution has happened, despite what some people might believe.

Find out more in our diminution blog.

Why choose JMK Solicitors to help with your road traffic accident claim?

Number One Firm

JMK Solicitors have been the Number 1 Personal Injury Solicitors practice in Northern Ireland since 2015, assisting more injured people than any other solicitor in Northern Ireland.

Client Recommendation

We are proud that 99% of clients recommend JMK Solicitors to assist them in claiming compensation after a road traffic accident or injury.


As number 1 personal injury specialist practice in Northern Ireland, our team of over 100 people, have extensive experience and understand the stress, upset, and inconvenience a road accident can cause.


JMK Solicitors is proud to be a practice which is accredited by the Association of Personal Injury lawyers (APIL). Our Managing Director, Maurece Hutchinson is an APIL Fellow, with Andrew Moore, Sinead Toal and Una O’Neill, who are accredited as Senior Litigators. JMK Solicitors have also been awarded the prestigious Lexcel Quality Mark for the legal profession, which recognises firms which achieve excellence in client care and legal practice management.

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Roundabout collision – Am I at fault?

Road traffic collisions on roundabouts can often cause disputes between drivers

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Roundabout Demonstration Image showing how to approach and take the roundabout

How much car accident compensation can I claim?

How much road accident compensation you can claim depends on;

  • Your accident,
  • The circumstances surrounding it,
  • The losses suffered.

Many factors influence your compensation outcome, such as:

  • Your age
  • Whether you were at fault
  • The nature and extent of your injuries
  • The nature and extent of your losses
  • Other involved parties

JMK Solicitors have processed over thirty thousand accident cases since 2003 and we are Northern Ireland’s Number 1 Personal Injury Solicitors. If you’d like an idea of how much you might be able to claim, call, email or arrange a free consultation and we will give you our honest and expert opinion.

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As Northern Ireland’s Number 1 Personal Injury Solicitors practice, we make you a priority and make personal injury claims personal.

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Involved in a car accident? Do these things immediately

There were 5,676 road traffic collisions recorded last year by police.

If the worst should happen you, do these things immediately after an accident;

  • Contact the police on 999 or the non-emergency number, 101 – regardless of the seriousness of the collision, call the police to ensure there is an accident report recorded.
  • Get to safety – go to a safe off-road location immediately, safety is paramount.
  • Check on the other driver and take pictures from the scene – If necessary, help the other driver to a safe place off-road. If you have a camera or phone, take pictures of both cars, damage, road etc and take note of any road or weather conditions. Check for CCTV.
  • Exchange contact details – take the other drivers and any witnesses full name, driving licence number, phone number, address, car make and model, the colour of the car, registration plate and any apparent damage.

Has your car been written- off? Here’s what you need to know

There are four different categories of insurance write-offs: Category A, Category B, Category S and Category N.

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Blue Car Crashed into the back of a black car. Hot Hatch. Hackbacks

Client Case Study

“Our Client’s vehicle was damaged as a result of a road traffic accident which was not her fault. Our Client’s vehicle was a border line “write off” (i.e. the market value was less than the cost of repairs). However, our Client valued her car and had it repaired. The other driver’s insurers argued that because the pre-accident value of our client’s vehicle was lower than the cost of repairs, our Client was only entitled to recover the lower amount. The matter went to hearing and the District Judge agreed with the other side. We did not accept this decision and successfully appealed to the High Court. The High Court Judge found that the cost of repairs did not exceed the pre accident value of the vehicle, but the Judge indicated that even if the pre accident value of the vehicle had been below the cost of repairs, the modest financial difference between the two (approximately £450) would entitle our Client to have had her vehicle repaired in any event. This was a fantastic result for our Client and indeed for any future Clients who may find themselves in a similar position!”

Vehicle Damage Claim following a Road Traffic Accident
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15 ways to avoid a road traffic accident

Accidents happen for a wide variety of reasons but a common theme in PSNI statistics every year shows that the cause of the majority (51%) of collisions were avoidable.

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Car Speeding passed camera in front of building

What to do if a car damages your property

You don’t have to make a claim via your home insurance policy in the event of damage caused by a vehicle crashing into your property.

Follow the steps below to ensure you receive all that you are entitled too.

  • Take a note of the vehicle’s registration number, make, model and colour, as well as the driver’s name, address and their insurance details.
  • Take lots of images of the incident scene on your phone or camera.
  • Report the incident to the Police or if you weren’t present when the damage was caused seek as much as the information as possible from them.
  • Report the matter to your home insurer for information purposes only initially and advise them that you will revert should you need to.
  • It’s never too early to obtain independent legal advice. We will reduce the stress of dealing with the other party, provide you with complete peace of mind and maximise the chances of a full recovery.
  • The Insurers for the Driver at fault will be obliged to deal with any claim for your property damage where their insured driver is legally liable. It may be possible to also pursue a claim for damages where the driver is uninsured.
  • We will register your claim with the appropriate party as soon as possible and advise you on the best way forward.
  • Keep a record of your time involved in clearing up damage, making the property safe, and any other incidental costs related to the incident. These items could be included with your claim.
  • We will ensure that a full assessment of your damage and extent of your claim is compiled as soon as possible, enabling repair works to start without any unnecessary delays!

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As Northern Ireland’s Number 1 Personal Injury Solicitors practice, we make you a priority and make personal injury claims personal.

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