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JMK Solicitors achieve successful outcomes in ‘changing lanes’ collision cases

By 6th June 2024June 10th, 2024News, Road Accident, Success Stories
Ellie Jennings and Lorraine Murphy collision cases

Unfortunately, we have probably all encountered a common driver error which can cause road traffic collisions where a driver of a vehicle changes lanes without properly checking the surroundings to ensure that it is safe to do so.

Incidents caused by driver error when changing lanes commonly take place on roads where a single lane splits into multiple lanes or vice versa, such as roundabouts, dual carriageways and motorways including slip roads to join or leave a motorway.

The types of errors which drivers can make when changing lanes include failing to check their mirrors and blind spot, misjudging the speed of other vehicles, not using indicators appropriately, becoming distracted when driving and failing to follow road markings and road signs.

Established over 20 years and ranking as NI’s Number 1 Personal Injury Solicitors, JMK Solicitors have significant expertise in dealing with these types of cases and have recently acted for several clients, securing compensation for vehicle damage and related losses.

Roundabout Lane Change Case

Lorraine Murphy, Solicitor, assisted her client whose vehicle was impacted to the driver’s side when another driver changed lanes into their path on a major roundabout in Belfast. Lorraine said “The other driver did not accept that they caused the collision, and we had to bring the case to court. Our client was consistent in his evidence as to how the collision occurred from the outset. Our client was stationary at the time of impact which was caused by the other driver moving into our client’s lane, without warning or indication. Our client took several photographs of the position of the vehicles at the scene of the collision and contacted the PSNI who attended. During the hearing our client was unwavering in his evidence as to how the collision occurred and the court was greatly assisted by the images taken by the client at the scene. The Judge hearing the case found the other driver fully responsible for the accident and our client was 100% successful in recovering all their compensation.”

3 Lane Change Case

In another case, Ellie Jennings, Solicitor acted for a client whose car was impacted on a road which split from two lanes to three. Ellie explained, “Our client was driving in the right-hand lane of two lanes which later became the middle lane of three lanes. Another driver who was in the left-hand lane attempted to cross into the middle lane where our client was driving causing a collision. The other driver did not accept that they were responsible. The case went to court and during the trial, the client presented clear and concise evidence regarding their familiarity with the road, their awareness of their surroundings and their extensive driving experience of over 30 years.  The Judge found that the other driver had caused the accident and as a result, we were able to secure compensation in relation to vehicle repair, hire of a replacement vehicle and loss of potential market value caused to the vehicle as a result of being damaged and repaired.”

Ellie’s client was delighted with the outcome achieved in their case and said, “From the first point of contact everything was seamless, everything was taken care of, and the communication was excellent.”

Our road traffic collision claim experts can help you too.

There is no doubt that road travel can be dangerous, and collisions do happen. If you’ve been involved in a road traffic incident in Northern Ireland and have suffered a loss or injury as a result, you might be entitled to claim road traffic accident compensation.

If you have suffered a personal injury call JMK Solicitors on 028 9032 0222 to arrange a free consultation, or fill in our free enquiry form online; we’ll give you our honest and expert opinion on what we think your claim is worth.

 Every client’s case and set of circumstances are unique and at JMK Solicitors, our personal service ensures we achieve the best outcome for you.

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