Lorraine joined JMK Solicitors in March 2010 as a Solicitor and is now a member of our damage only team, dealing with cases that do not involve bodily injury, but which can be complex and challenging. She navigates through matters of liability/credit hire/repair and all items of special loss.

She enjoys helping clients, guiding them through their claims and ensuring that their interests are protected. Lorraine enjoys the process of the County Court rules and wants to have an impact on her clients’ lives – helping them through the process as efficiently as possible.


Lorraine has personal experience of what her clients face, having been involved and had family members who have been involved in accidents. She understands how stressful and upsetting the whole experience can be, especially if there is any issue regarding liability. She uses her many years of experience both professionally and personally to help her clients and to make the process as pain free as possible. Every client is different, so it is important for Lorraine to understand the individual.


  • Acted for a client who was involved in an accident where his vehicle hit a large pothole in the road. This client’s vehicle was written off and he could not afford to replace it without reimbursement from the DRD. The DRD investigation was ongoing, and we issued proceedings to progress the case. Our client was in hire. There were inspections arranged by the other side and they argued that there was pre-existing damage to our client’s vehicle. Lorraine was able to arrange an inspection of our client’s vehicle from several experts who were able to concur that the damage was accident related. Eventually, she was able to persuade the other side to agree to discharge the total loss amount owed. During the process, the client had been in credit hire which he required for domestic and business purposes. Lorraine demonstrated that the client had no alternative but to hire this vehicle since his employment had been affected by the pandemic and as a result, he did not have the funds to replace his car. Lorraine helped to recover the hire charges in full in excess of £30k.
  • Acted for a client involved in an accident which occurred as she was performing an overtaking manoeuvre on the approach to a junction. A collision resulted as the other party performed a right-hand turn into the junction as our client passed. Liability was in dispute and the Court heard the case remotely due to the pandemic. In order to prepare her client for Court, Lorraine arranged several consultations with the client and Counsel. She arranged to send the client a copy of the Court bundle in advance of the hearing and talked her through the process of logging into the Court video link. The client was well prepared and won her case. The Court commented that Lorraine’s client was consistent and came across very well.

Outside of work

Outside of work, Lorraine enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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What Lorraine's Clients say about her...

“I found them very helpful and I could ask them anything they took a lot of stress away from me. They kept me updated the whole way through I would recommend them.”

“My dealing with JMK Solicitors was quick and easy a delight to have you on board. Thank you.”

“Staff were most helpful and knowledgeable and updates on the progress of the case were really invaluable. I highly recommend the service.”

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