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There has been a significant increase in the number of cyclists on the roads in recent years and unfortunately cycling accidents do happen.

If you’ve been involved in a cycling accident, JMK Solicitors, Northern Ireland’s Number 1 Personal Injury Specialists, can help you with your claim and compensation. Cycling accidents can unfortunately lead to serious injuries, our specialist team can help you to recover any payment you are entitled to for your medical expenses as well as compensation for pain and suffering. We can also help you to recover compensation for loss of earnings in the past, present, or future as well compensation for provision for future care in serious injury cases, including housing adaptation, vehicle and equipment needs.

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As Northern Ireland’s Number 1 Personal Injury Solicitors practice, we make you a priority and make personal injury claims personal.

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What Our Cycling Accident Clients Say...

“JMK Solicitors were very helpful from the very start. I was off work and my bike was badly damaged, so I didn’t want to be out of pocket as a result of a collision which wasn’t my fault. They put me at ease that the service wouldn’t cost me anything as all fees would be recovered from the insurers of the person who caused the accident. They really did cover all the aspects; for example putting me in touch with the right medical experts. I would advise any cyclist in a similar situation not to try to deal with insurance companies themselves, JMK did the negotiations on my behalf and I was happy with how my case was handled. “”

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We are proud to help our clients and make them our priority, assisting lots of clients in claiming compensation after an accident or injury.

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Why choose JMK Solicitors to help with your cycling accident claim?

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JMK Solicitors have been the Number 1 Personal Injury Solicitors practice in Northern Ireland since 2015, assisting more injured people than any other solicitor in Northern Ireland.

Client Recommendation

We are proud that 99% of clients recommend JMK Solicitors to assist them in claiming compensation after a road traffic accident or injury.


As number 1 personal injury specialist practice in Northern Ireland, our team of over 100 people, have extensive experience and understand the stress, upset, and inconvenience a road accident can cause.


JMK Solicitors is proud to be a practice which is accredited by the Association of Personal Injury lawyers (APIL). Our Managing Director, Maurece Hutchinson is an APIL Fellow, with Andrew Moore, Sinead Toal and Una O’Neill, who are accredited as Senior Litigators. JMK Solicitors have also been awarded the prestigious Lexcel Quality Mark for the legal profession, which recognises firms which achieve excellence in client care and legal practice management.

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What to do if you are involved in a cycling collision

  • Make sure you are safe
    If you have been knocked off your bike, it is vital that you remember to avoid further collisions by getting off the road if you are able.
  • Are you in need of medical attention?
    You will need to call 999 if you require immediate assistance. Even if you are only slightly hurt, don’t try to ride on. Get someone to pick you up. You don’t know if your bike has hidden damage or if you have any injuries that could be made worse by continuing on. It is worth getting seen by your doctor for a check-up as injuries can take a few hours or days to emerge.
  • Exchange details
    It is important that you collect important information about the vehicle that caused the collision. Get the name, address, contact number and most importantly the registration number of the vehicle.
  • Record important information
    Remember to make some notes of street names, collision points, vehicle locations and direction of travel. If you are carrying a mobile, take some pictures to record the scene and damage to your bike. This can be used as evidence. If there are any witnesses, get them to write down their evidence and keep these notes. Get their contact details too. If you are filming your journey remember to back-up your film.
  • Check your bike
    Book your bike in for a check-up at your local bike shop, tell them it’s been involved in a collision and ask for a full report of the work required and the cost of any replacement parts or damage. For example most bikes are now made with carbon fibre frames and sometimes stress cracks are not visible unless checked by a professional. Also if your helmet is damaged from the impact, it is advisable to replace it.
  • Call JMK Solicitors
    If you require assistance or advice after a collision, please get in touch and we will be able to guide you through the claims process.

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As Northern Ireland’s Number 1 Personal Injury Solicitors practice, we make you a priority and make personal injury claims personal.

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JMK Top NI Personal Injury Law Firm For 5th year