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Roundabout collision – Am I at fault?

By 3rd July 2019March 4th, 2024Road Accident
Roundabout accidents JMK Solicitors

Roundabout Collisions

Road traffic collisions on roundabouts can often cause disputes between drivers and at JMK Solicitors we have assisted many clients successfully recover compensation in these cases.  To help other motorists we have developed this useful guide.

We explain:

  • How to best navigate a roundabout,
  • What to do if you have a collision and
  • The main reasons why disputes arise about who is at fault.

Many roundabout collisions occur because a driver has made an incorrect assumption about the intentions of other drivers. For example by using or failing to use the appropriate indicators. In the event that the intention of another road user is unclear to you at or on a roundabout, you should hold back until they have completed their manoeuvre, and you are satisfied that it is safe to proceed.

Even if you are in the correct lane whilst on the roundabout, it is important to remember to check for other road users before exiting. Always bear in mind that many junctions allow for more than one vehicle to enter and/or exit the roundabout at one time.

The Highway Code covers navigating roundabouts in great detail.  The rules include;

  • Give priority to traffic from your right.
  • Give an appropriate signal at the appropriate time so as not to confuse other road users.
  • Get into the correct lane for the exit you wish to take,
    • Left lane for first exit.
    • Right lane for right exit or going full circle.
    • Select the appropriate lane for any intermediate exit and signal left at the exit before the one you want.
    • Allow plenty of room to pedestrians/motor cyclists/horse-riders/long vehicles.
    • Approach mini-roundabouts in the same way as normal roundabouts. Avoid U-turns at mini-roundabouts and beware of others doing so.
    • At junctions involving multiple roundabouts, treat each roundabout separately.

If you have a collision, remember these key tips;

  • If safe to do so, take photographs of the position of the vehicles immediately following the accident as well as any skid marks/debris on the road surface.
  • Take details of the other driver and any witnesses
  • Check for CCTV
  • Record a statement of events to include any conversation with the other driver.
  • Save any written communication from the other driver such as text messages/emails/acceptance of blame.

Roundabout collisions can be complicated in terms of establishing who is at fault, particularly in these scenarios;

  • Both drivers are established on the roundabout and there is no evidence as to who was in the wrong lane.
  • There was a failure to allow sufficient room to a long/large vehicle.
  • There is an allegation of excessive speed/a mis-leading signal.

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