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Nigel Foster shares his experience with JMK Solicitors after being involved in a road traffic accident.

Client Testimonial - Nigel Foster

Hear from our satisfied client Nigel Foster, who speaks of his experience using JMK Solicitors after being involved in a road traffic accident in Northern Ireland.


Video Transcript

“I was driving my car with my three children, when my eldest son, who was in the passenger seat pointed out something happening on the other side of the road ahead of us and asked what was going on.

I could see a man getting out of that car, walking around to the back of another vehicle. Literally within a matter of seconds the vehicle the man had been approaching had pulled out and came onto my side of the road.  Before I knew it, he drove straight into us, into a head-on collision.

He then proceeded to do a three-point turn and drove off, leaving us with the aftermath.

JMK Solicitors were very helpful after my car accident and advised me on everything. They took over and guided me in the right direction.

In the accident, I hurt my right foot quite badly and had injuries to my neck and shoulder. Two of my children were also hurt. JMK advised me on what to do for all three of us regarding doctor’s appointments, physiotherapy etc.

It was quite a stressful time for me, being a self-employed taxi driver, I was off work for quite a considerable amount of time.

JMK went above and beyond in my opinion to make me feel more relaxed and that they were in control of everything, and that there was nothing to worry about.

JMK were very helpful in recovering compensation for myself and my two children for the injuries we sustained from the accident. My car was also written off from the car crash and JMK were able to recover compensation for that too.

I had quite a lot of physiotherapy after the accident and JMK were able to help get that money back for me in physio fees.

My experience with JMK was very good, especially as I didn’t have anything to do at all. Their staff were fantastic, especially Steven Gilliland who worked on my case. He was always there for me at the end of the phone or an email. He took a lot of the pressure and stress off everything. Any problems I ever had, I just rang or emailed him, and he was able to help.

I would most definitely recommend JMK Solicitors, and I already have to a couple of other people who have been involved in road traffic accidents recently.”


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