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David Boyd shares his experience with JMK Solicitors after being involved in a road traffic accident.

By 27th March 2024July 10th, 2024Success Stories
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Hear from our satisfied client David Boyd, who speaks of his experience using JMK Solicitors after being involved in a road traffic accident.

Video Transcript

I was driving along the Strangford Road, as I did every Friday to go to the harbour. A bin lorry stopped in front of me, and I stopped, leaving enough room for them to empty the bins.

I was stationary, enjoying the day, when suddenly, a car appeared behind me. It ran full pelt into the back of my vehicle. However, the situation escalated when another car came round the corner and ran into the back of it and then a third one at full speed. So, I was hit three times in the back of my car. It was quite traumatic and became a serious incident.

Were you badly injured by the accident?

I was injured quite badly. I had hurt my shoulder badly; my shoulder had shattered. All I can remember now was being taken to the hospital on a bodyboard.

How did you hear about JMK Solicitors?

A friend who had used JMK’s services highly recommended them. I needed somebody really good because of the situation I was in, and I was delighted to engage their services.

How did JMK Solicitors assist you from the start?

Once I signed up with JMK Solicitors, they took control of everything. They immediately arranged for a new vehicle to be brought to my door for my use, and they ensured I got the best doctors available to help me. Really, they did everything for me. What I wanted from a solicitor was to feel valued and to feel that they were on my side, and with JMK, I never doubted that.

Did you find your solicitor helpful?

I formed, what I would call, a personal relationship with my solicitor Sinead Toal. She was absolutely brilliant. I felt that at any time I could lift the phone, ask a question, or forward more information and there was always a welcome and an openness to discuss the case.

I remember a phrase JMK used: ‘We will leave no stone unturned.’ I can definitely say that was true. It was a tremendous service and a tremendous help to me.

Did you receive a satisfactory outcome using JMK Solicitors?
The outcome of the case was really beyond my wildest dreams. With not having had too many accidents before and not having experience in this area, I didn’t really know anything in relation to values and that’s where JMK were able to take control. They were able to make sure that I got the monetary compensation that I deserved.

Did you feel stress or anxiety at any time during your case?

JMK really took the burden off me. All the worry that I had, was taken off me. I was really happy that I had put my case in secure hands. My solicitor, Sinead Toal, really cared about my situation. She made sure that every need was dealt with and cared for.

Not only was it a legal case, but it was a care package I was provided with. It filled me with gratefulness, that at a traumatic time, when sometimes you may not be thinking straight, JMK came in and took all the work off me and done a tremendous job.

Would you recommend JMK Solicitors?

I would have no hesitation in recommending JMK Solicitors. For me, JMK is the best and I cannot find words to express my thankfulness for all that they did for me.

In his client feedback questionnaire David added to his experience saying, “I was made to feel valued and treated with respect at all times. The professional services and advices were top class. My Solicitor Sinead Toal went beyond the call out duty and tailor made the whole experience to needs and expectations.”

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