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Personal Injuries aren’t always just physical

By 17th April 2018July 9th, 2024Personal Injury
Personal Injuries aren’t always just physical!

At JMK Solicitors, we deal with all types of personal injury cases, however not all are just physical injuries.  A recent case in which we acted for a client highlights that psychological injuries can also occur, even if there is no physical impact involved.

The circumstances were that a large, unmanned, commercial vehicle on a trailer rolled down a residential street adjacent to the client’s house, colliding with the client’s fence and wall and with his parked vehicle causing substantial damage.

The client was inside the property when the incident occurred but had been outside minutes beforehand. After hearing the loud noises which accompanied the impact, they were immediately fearful for the safety of a number of children who had been standing outside the house along the fence talking and playing. The client believed the vehicle had hit them causing death or serious injury.

The client made contact with us to assist in making a claim for the damage to the property and in the course of taking instructions a visit to the house was arranged to fully ascertain the facts of the accident.

During the meeting with the client it transpired that whilst they had unfortunately been suffering from some previous mental health problems, their current medication had stabilised them prior to the incident occurring. However, this accident had had a significant adverse effect on their symptoms, leading to nightmares about injuries to the children.

Instructions were therefore taken in relation to a personal injury claim and medical evidence was obtained from the client’s medical expert.

As well as recovering damages for the repairs to their property, our client was relieved to also receive very substantial damages for their psychological injuries which had lasted for a considerable period of time after the accident.

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