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JMK Solicitors supplied me with everything I needed to support my claim such as physiotherapy, physical and psychological consultation that was paid for by the insurance company. as well as offering great support throughout. I was never questioning things that were being said. My solicitor Andrew Moore was brilliant, he was clear with everything. I was always happy with his decisions and was also happy with the time that it took to close the case. Andrew wanted as much money as I could get from this claim, due to the conditions of the crash. He received the lowest offer possible but he told me to stand by and wait so he could get a better offer. At first, I thought I should just take the money but I ended up listening and getting a much better offer. My mum’s friend recommended JMK Solicitors to her, that’s how I found out about it and I will definitely be recommending any of my friends/family who need legal help to use JMK Solicitors.

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