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I would recommend because they are very helpful, quick and informative. I was never in a car accident until last year (dam you 2020!) so I had no idea what to do. The advised me to leave it with them and not to be talking to the girl that hit me. I felt a bit bad but if I had of dealt with her I would be driving a car that was dangerous to be driving as she just wanted a quick fix. It wasn?t until a few days after the accident did I realised that I was pretty sore so much so I couldn’t work in the salon. I had no more dealing with her and left it Andrew. He was fantastic. A gent and a human being. With all the restrictions in place he still worked away and organised a doctor to ring me about my injuries. He assisted me though the process of accepting a offer. He advised me that it was a very low figure and given the time of year he suspected the insurance company was taking advantage of this and advised if I wanted to accept it I could or I could look for more. We looked for more and I am glad we did as we got a lot more. I am very grateful for his advice as I would not have known any different. Thank you very much!

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