We are proud to help our clients, and make them our priority.
These are examples of the feedback we have received from our clients and why 99.3% would recommend us.

Ailis McKeown Client Testimonial

Ailis was very professional in carrying out all of her duties. Her understanding and empathy towards my situation had helped me feel calm and comfortable and I trusted all her advice that she had given to me. Ailis was always available and would be in constant contact with myself and very productive in moving things along with regards to my claim.

Simmone Bell Client Testimonial

Extremely professional, very helpful, friendly and regular information frequently updated and forwarded.

Caroline Cahill Client Testimonial

I found JMK solicitors to be very friendly and helpful, and they explained everything very well that I could understand what was happening step by step and the result was beyond my expectation. Thank you JMK Solicitors.

Carmel Ross Client Testimonial

I would recommend JMK as they really helped make things a lot easier for me, lifted a lot of stress of me and continued to reassure me when I was anxious and stressed about ongoing issues – such as court. Carmel was brilliant and had a lot of time to talk to me and explain things to me when needed. Carmel was very respectful, helpful & kind at all times and put my mind at ease.

Caroline Cahill Client Testimonial

Caroline was extremely courteous, knowledgeable and maintained regular communications with me regarding my case. JMK Solicitors progressed my case readily and provided clear and concise information throughout the process I would highly recommend JMK Solicitors to others.

Cieran Marshall Client Testimonial

I was recommended to JMK by a friend and was not disappointed. From the first conversation with Cieran he put me at ease and explained everything in a way that I understood it. Every contact after that was very easy and informative. Cieran has a way to speak to you like a friend that has known you for years. His advice has always been on point. I cannot recommend JMK and especially Cieran highly enough through this process.

Steven Gilliland Client Testimonial

I was very pleased with the way I was kept informed at each step and my designated solicitor, Steven Gilliland, was always very quick to respond to my queries and very helpful which made the claim process much less daunting. Thank you very much for all the hard work to achieve this result.

Steven Gilliland Client Testimonial

I would recommend your service because of the excellent and always highly professional staff that I have personally encountered, really courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable, and clearly committed to doing their best for the client. Thank you!

Sinead Toal Client Testimonial

Sinead was very helpful, I saw the amount of paperwork involved as my case was not straightforward. It took a lot of time and hard work for Sinead to do this.

Cieran Marshall Client Testimonial

From the moment I picked up the phone and the whole way through the case, I was treated like a king. Massive thanks to Cieran. The level of professionalism he has shown me is second to none.

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