What is product liability?

If you or someone close to you has suffered loss or personal injury as a result of a defective product you may be entitled to compensation for this loss or injury from the product manufacturer.

What are some of the different types of product defects?

Product defects can occur in any range of products including those below and many more.

  • Contaminated foodstuffs
  • Legal drugs
  • Vehicles
  • Electrical goods or equipment

What causes a product to be defective?

A product can be faulty by design, it can be faulty due to something that occurred through the manufacturing process or because the manufacturer has failed to adequately warn the public of potential dangers.

Will my product liability case go to court?

We at JMK Solicitors will work to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. This may be to settle the case directly with the at-fault party in which case there will be no need for you to go to court. It may be however that adequate compensation is not being offered and that you would receive a fairer settlement if your case were to proceed to court.

How much does it cost to make a claim, and who pays?

Our initial consultation is free and in fact, JMK Solicitors are the only solicitors in Northern Ireland who, as far as we are aware, are able to offer you an insurance policy which gives protection against the financial risks of bringing a claim for compensation for personal injury and other losses. This policy covers not just your opponent’s costs, but also your own costs in the event that they cannot be recovered from another party. We believe that we are the only firm who offer any kind of legal costs cover on a complimentary basis – which means that, unlike other firms, when JMK Solicitors provide this insurance to you, you will never be asked to pay for it from any compensation awarded.

Call JMK Solicitors now on 028 9032 0222 for eligibility criteria and to find out more about this product.

How long will it take to receive my compensation?

Every case is different and various factors will determine how quickly we can bring your case to a conclusion, such as if fault for your accident is disputed and if court proceedings are necessary to resolve the issues in your case. However, in a case which does not involve a claim for injury then we will aim to have your losses recovered and your case concluded within six months.

For cases involving personal injury, the nature and complexity of the injury will dictate how long a case takes. We aim to have the majority of our injury cases concluded within twelve to eighteen months. However, it can be in your best interests to prolong the conclusion of your case to ensure that a full and complete picture of your symptoms and prognosis is obtained, especially in cases involving worsening or ongoing medical conditions. This will enable us to ensure that you are fully and properly compensated for your injury, pain and suffering.

How much is my case worth?

The answer to this question is different for every case. If you have sustained a personal injury or sustained a monetary loss through no fault of your own, then you should be entitled to. As we are specialised in this type of law and have processed thousands of personal injury  cases, we will be able to give you an estimate of how much we think your particular case is worth. Call or email us today to arrange a free consultation and we will give you an honest and expert opinion on the value of your case.

What do I do next if I think I have a Product Liability case?

Call JMK Solicitors on 028 9032 0222 or complete our online enquiry form we will consider your query and advise you on the next step in your case. Our initial consultation is free!

We acted on behalf of a teenager with learning difficulties who had been involved in a road traffic accident and suffered neck and back injuries as a result. The solicitors instructed by the insurers of the driver responsible argued that our client was not even a passenger in the vehicle which had been hit and obviously could not have been injured. This was accepted by the court which initially heard the case and the claim was dismissed. This caused our client a great deal of upset as she found it difficult to understand why she had not been believed. We however strongly believed in our client and her case and appealed to the High Court. Our appeal was successful and we were delighted when our client finally received the compensation she deserved for her injuries.

Teenager with learning difficulties who had been involved in a road traffic accident

Our client sustained personal injuries, loss and damage as a result of a road traffic accident arising out of his employment as a taxi driver. After dealing with the Third Party Insurers, we negotiated £8000 in compensation for the soft tissue injuries to his neck and lower back but as the claim for credit hire and repairs to his vehicle could not be agreed, we issued court proceedings. After the issue of court proceedings our client was delighted when we were successful in negotiating a further £400 for him for not having the use of his motor vehicle after the accident. In addition we successfully recovered the costs of the hire vehicle and vehicle repairs in full.

Personal injuries, loss and damage


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