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About me

Rebecca is a Law LLB (Hons) graduate from Queen’s University Belfast and is now undertaking her post-graduate qualification at The Institute of Professional Legal Studies, alongside her role as an Apprentice Solicitor at JMK.

Rebecca is interested in pursuing a career in personal injury law as she believes this is one area of law in which she can make a tangible difference to an individual’s life during a time of need.

Why did you choose the apprentice programme at JMK?

One of the primary reasons I was interested in working at JMK is the wide variety of work and real responsibility trainees are given from day one.

This environment has allowed me a higher level of exposure to clients and real work while simultaneously benefitting from expert training from a firm that has achieved the prestigious Legal Quality Mark for consecutive years.

What have you learnt?

The apprenticeship is a great opportunity to meet other people at the firm and work alongside them benefitting from their years of experience and learning valuable skills. The apprenticeship also allows you to lay the foundations for excellent working relationships in the future.

Being a successful solicitor requires more than purely legal knowledge. JMK have an extensive training programme with full and varied legal educational programmes. My personal training schedule has been run by Carmel Ross (Team leader of the Apprentices) and has covered a broad range of topics that include technical legal knowledge, legal skills, and commercial and financial awareness. At JMK you are continuously given the opportunity to learn and progress in your career.

What would you want a law student to know about working at JMK?

At JMK one of the core values is making clients our priority. There is a strong ambition to be our clients’ best advisers and that is what JMK develop their trainees to do while simultaneously making the trainees a priority also. Significant time, care, and attention is invested into our development as trainee solicitors.

You have the chance to discover for yourself where your interests lie and what you are good at. JMK shows you how to apply your knowledge to legal situations in a practical way.

JMK has an open-plan office, and we share rooms with partners and other senior solicitors. Everyone is always ready to help and answer any questions you may have. Everyone at JMK celebrates each other’s successes, a true team spirit!

I also love the investment in staff as we have lots of social events and health-focused initiatives.

How would you describe the culture at JMK

The emphasis placed on staff wellbeing and a strong work-life balance is most notable through the implementation of the four-day working week once you become a solicitor.

JMK is the first law firm in NI to implement the 4-day work week without reduction in pay and they stand out as a leader in regards to promoting a work-life balance. In a profession in which there is a strong focus on working every hour of the day to become the best, JMK step away from this idea and do things a little differently for the benefit of both their employees and simultaneously our clients, as the improved work-life balance has enhanced the reputation of JMK and our client’s experience.

JMK also offers hybrid working and will work with you to ensure your hours fit around your family, which is particularly important to those who have young families.

JMK Solicitors Core Values

At JMK Solicitors we believe in making personal injury claims personal and getting you the appropriate compensation. Every day the team follow a set of core values to help achieve our mission of ‘Proudly improving the lives of our clients following traumatic events, achieving the best possible outcome, with the least stress. The core values are at the core of everything we do at JMK Solicitors, in how we deal with both our colleagues and our clients and include;

  • Fulfil – At JMK Solicitors we do what we say we’re going to do.
  • Integrity – We deliver the legal services provided to the highest possible professional standard.
  • Priority – We place people at the heart of our business. Putting people first is always at the forefront of our minds.
  • Innovation – Our team are committed to continuously embracing innovation in technology and in finding innovatory solutions for our clients.
  • Results – We utilise our extensive expertise and specialism together with specialist experts to achieve the best possible outcome with the least stress for every one of our clients.
  • Success – We celebrate the great results we achieve for our clients daily.
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Proudly improving the lives of our clients following traumatic events, achieving the best possible outcome, with the least stress.


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