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About me

Megan joined JMK in 2016 as a Legal Administrator while studying Law with Criminology part-time at the University of Ulster. Following the successful completion of her degree in 2022, Megan is currently undertaking her studies at the Institute of Professional Legal Studies, alongside her role as Apprentice Solicitor. at JMK Solicitors.

Why did you choose the apprentice programme at JMK?

I chose the JMK programme because it has been clear to me over the last 7 years that the apprentices in JMK Solicitors are given the time, understanding, training and support which is necessary in the process of training to be a solicitor.

What have you learnt?

I have learned a lot so far, number one being the importance of client care. As well as working on a file from start to finish, time management, managing clients’ expectations, and court experience.

Benefits to the apprentice programme at JMK?

JMK understand everyone starts their career in law with different backs grounds and levels of understanding. JMK treats everyone on the same level and strips the training back to the basics. There are weekly training sessions followed by practice to help our learning and development before we work on files. Everything is well organised with step-by-step guides. We also have a great team leader who checks in on us daily to ensure any issues are addressed.

What would you want a law student to know about working at JMK?

Don’t worry if you have no practical experience. Everything will be taught and explained, and you will be understood and supported to ensure you achieve the best results.

How would you describe the culture at JMK

It’s brilliant. JMK Solicitors are unlike other firms. You are not expected to work alongside your study. JMK gives you the opportunity to split your study and work life. This is incredibly beneficial as you have the time to focus on your studies and your job at different times. JMK are flexible and understanding. I am very lucky and grateful to be a JMK trainee solicitor.

JMK Solicitors Core Values

At JMK Solicitors we believe in making personal injury claims personal and getting you the appropriate compensation. Every day the team follow a set of core values to help achieve our mission of ‘Proudly improving the lives of our clients following traumatic events, achieving the best possible outcome, with the least stress. The core values are at the core of everything we do at JMK Solicitors, in how we deal with both our colleagues and our clients and include;

  • Fulfil – At JMK Solicitors we do what we say we’re going to do.
  • Integrity – We deliver the legal services provided to the highest possible professional standard.
  • Priority – We place people at the heart of our business. Putting people first is always at the forefront of our minds.
  • Innovation – Our team are committed to continuously embracing innovation in technology and in finding innovatory solutions for our clients.
  • Results – We utilise our extensive expertise and specialism together with specialist experts to achieve the best possible outcome with the least stress for every one of our clients.
  • Success – We celebrate the great results we achieve for our clients daily.
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Proudly improving the lives of our clients following traumatic events, achieving the best possible outcome, with the least stress.


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